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King Athelstan Primary School Nurture

Research evidence shows that children’s learning is most effective when they have a sense of emotional well-being, good self-esteem and a feeling of belonging to their school community. At King Athelstan our Nurture Team are focused on this important aspect of school life.

Nurture is open to all children in the school and supports all aspects of a child’s emotional well-being. Its purpose is to offer children opportunities to promote and support their social and emotional development.

Nurture support is provided to children through bespoke small group sessions for children in Years 1 and 2, and 1:1 or group sessions for all children in response to needs. Nurture teaches children to: understand their emotions and how to regulate them; build their confidence (to be used in the classroom) by positive reinforcement; raise self-esteem; empower resilience to become a better learner; make and sustain positive relationships. Children in Nurture groups have individual targets to reduce the barriers to their learning. These targets are shared and displayed with class teachers in classrooms to support children to achieve. Nurture also runs in Reception classrooms as part of EYFS practice.

The Nurture space is part of our Inclusion provision and is located near the front of the school. It is designed to be a safe and calm environment that allows children to explore their individual needs while reducing the barriers so they are ready to learn.

Parents and carers are encouraged to work closely with the Nurture team and are welcome to pop in and talk about any aspect of their child’s well-being. Our approach helps to develop children’s maturity and resilience, builds confidence and empowers children as learners.

Our Nurture team consists of Ms Denise Ramkissoon, Mrs Tracey Whooley and Mrs Karen O'Connor. They are based in the Wiltshire Room and are always available to listen to parental/carers concerns.

Nurture is at the heart of the pastoral care for all families at King Athelstan Primary School. The 2017 Ofsted report stated: “Pupils’ well-being is a very important aspect of school life and the school runs very successful nurture provision offering support to pupils”.

School calendar

  • Half-Term
    28 Oct - 1 Nov 2019
  • Cake Sale - Warhol Y5
    8 November 2019
  • Y6 Kahlo to visit the Magistrate's Court
    8 November 2019
  • Parent/Carer Consultations
    11 November 2019, 3.30-6.30pm
  • Parent/Carer Consultations
    13 November 2019, 4-7pm
  • Y5 trip to the Science Museum
    14 November 2019
  • Y6 Riley to the Magistrate's Court
    15 November 2019
  • Parent/Carer Forum
    21 November 2019, 2pm

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