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Pupil Reports on Sports at King Athelstan 

Year 3 and 4 Girls Football 8/10/15

"I enjoyed playing football at Kew Association for the Year 3 and 4 Girls Football Tournament. I was excited to compete against other schools from our local community and meet some other girls who also like football. It was tiring and competitive but I really enjoyed the experience and was thrilled with our result." 

Table Tennis 20/3/15

Recently King Athelstan Primary School attended a table tennis Tournament that was held at Latchmere Primary School. The event was in the play ground where there were 4 outside tables. There were two King Athelstan boys teams made up of Fin and Harry (A Team) and Ashley and I (B team). 

As it was King Athelstan’s first ever Table tennis tournament we had very little experience, which meant the other teams had an advantage.

There was a timer of 2 minutes and who ever had the most points when the timer went off was the winner. The point system was 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss.

During my first game, it felt strange because all of my energy was focused on returning the shot I had just received. 

After winning my first match, I gained momentum and went on to win my next match 8-3 and this time Ashley won also. Unfortunately Ashley and I both lost our next two games to the Latchmere students who were undefeated in the whole tournament.

Overall, I felt privileged to have been chosen because table tennis is a good sport to play and take part in. Everyone who took part in the event had a great time and learnt a lot during the experience. 

Netball Competition 15/3/15

King Athelstan Primary School attended a netball competition which was held in Kingston Grammar field. They had many sessions and practices prior and during the competition and managed to come 6th place out of 21 other schools in the final competition!

They mainly focused on team work and communicating without letting the other team know - it was not that easy! Also, we had kind Carry and Keris as mentors who helped our team improve and achieve.

We also practiced many other skills such as shooting and passing. 

Our very first match was exciting. We lost by 2:1 but King Athelstan but we did not give up hope. Luckily, we got through the first round as a 6th place team and continued to play many more exciting games.

The overall winner of the competition was Surbiton Primary School, but we were all very proud of ourselves because we tried our best and played fairly.

School calendar

  • Kahlo Y6 Class Assembly
    30 November 2022, 9am
  • PCSA Silly Socks/Tights Day
    2 December 2022
  • Y5 & Y6 Ice Skating at Hampton Court
    7 December 2022
  • Y2 Hockney Class Christmas Assembly
    12 December 2022, 9am
  • Y2 Matisse Class Christmas Assembly
    12 December 2022, 2.30pm
  • Y1 Van Gogh Class Christmas Assembly
    13 December 2022, 2.30pm
  • Y1 O'Keeffe Class Christmas Assembly
    13 December 2022, 9am
  • Reception Nelson Class Christmas Assembly
    14 December 2022, 2.30pm

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