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King Athelstan Ethos and School Values 

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In line with our ‘relentless pursuit of excellence’, the progress of every child is central to our values. We understand that one size does not fit all and ‘put children’s happiness and welfare at the heart of everything we do’. We have high expectations of our staff, our pupils and the wider community and ‘expect families to work with us to form a strong team around every child’. There is a strong inclusive ethos, through which we ‘celebrate the excellence of each individual’ and ‘empower children with choices which prepare them for a life of opportunity’.

Whole School Ethos - At King Athelstan we:

 Understand behaviour as communication, in the context of children’s emotional, social and cognitive development;

 Believe that rewards should specifically reinforce the core values of the school and expected behaviours in the school context;

 Believe that consequences must be meaningful and relevant to the individual child in question;

 Focus on modelling and teaching expected behaviours along with tools to support children’s emotional and sensory regulation;

 Teach children that all feelings are OK but that the type or size of their reaction to a trigger may be unexpected in that context;

 Help children to recognise what has happened and take responsibility;

 Support children to reflect on the impact of unexpected behaviours on their own and others’ wellbeing;

 Allow children to repair the situation as part of the natural and logical consequence to their actions;

 Believe in equity - everyone getting what they need

 Provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment;

 Believe that children must be emotionally ‘ready to learn’ in order to reach their academic potential;

 Seek to develop children’s self-esteem and confidence;

 Encourage relationships and interactions based on kindness, honesty and respect. 


Click here to find out more about Inclusion at King Athelstan, including information about our Specialist Resource Provision (SRP), Nurture team and provision, Zones of Regulation and Pupil Premium. 

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We use the PACE model to support children who are feeling dysregulated, to help them get back into the 'green zone' so that they are ready to learn. 

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Values and Dreams:

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School calendar

  • Harvest Donation Collection
    2 - 3 Oct 2023
  • A Day in the Life of a Reception Child
    3 October 2023, 4pm online
  • A Day inthe Life of a Nursery Child
    5 October 2023, 4pm online
  • Book Looks Y1-6
    20 October 2023, 1520-1550
  • Half-term
    23 - 27 Oct 2023
  • INSET Day - Children not in school
    30 October 2023
  • SEND Parent/Carer Consultations
    31 October 2023, 1530-1730
  • Nasal Flu Immunisations for all
    1 November 2023

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