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P.R.I.D.E focusses on our key values at King Athelstan to ensure good learning in all areas. The acronym stands for: Perseverance, Respect, Imagination, Diving/ Delving deep and Excellence.  This initiative was introduced to the school after child-led lessons.  Year 6 came up with animals to represent each core value and a summary for each word to explain what they mean and what they look like in practice. 

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In the words of children at King Athelstan, this is their understanding and teaching of PRIDE:

P: “Perseverance means trying hard even when things are tough. It is important to persevere in lessons so that you can reach your full potential.  Our chosen animal is a honey badger.  We chose them because they are intelligent and always succeed because they always persevere.”

R: “Respect does not just mean being polite and careful but making sure your surroundings, learning environment and fellow classmates are happy and have a good place to work in!  We have chosen wolves as our animal as they are very loyal, they stay in their packs and look after everything around them, including their family.”

I: “Imagination is thinking outside of the box and being creative with your learning. It is thinking in a variety of ways and going ‘above and beyond’ - above and beyond means going one step further.  We have picked a chameleon because it changes colour and adapts to its habitat.  Just as a chameleon adapts to its habitat, you can use your imagination to adapt to what learning you are doing. You can also be a chameleon in your learning to decide which skill to use: an example is being resourceful to find your answer.”

D: “Delving/diving deep is thinking about how you got to an answer in your learning and being able to explain it.  Our chosen animal for Delving Deep is…a Dolphin!  We have chosen dolphins because they are smart but that is not the only thing that matters: they use their intelligence wisely. If you are in class and you have found the answer, think like a dolphin, be curious and question how you arrived at your answer!”

E: “Excellence is aiming high in your learning and achieving your full potential. It means using all of the PRIDE skills to take pride in your work and to encourage and help others to do the same. It means showing your brilliant learning in class discussions and in your books.  We chose Lions as our animal as they are the kings of the jungle and work well together and independently for the good of their pride.”

Pupils at King Athelstan are now able to link the PRIDE skills to their own achievements by earning positive postcards based on each of the above skills.  We hope that their learning goals are made clearer to them this way and that every child can meet their full potential by ‘collecting’ all of the PRIDE positive postcards!


School calendar

  • O'Keeffe Class Assembly
    24 April 2024, 9am
  • Fashion Show – at Fusebox Kingston
    28 April 2024
  • Summer term clubs start this week
    29 April 2024
  • Klee AM and PM Trips to the Library – Volunteers needed
    30 April 2024
  • Kusama Class Assembly
    1 May 2024, 9am
  • Bank Holiday - school closed
    6 May 2024
  • Matisse Class Assembly
    8 May 2024, 9am
  • PCSA Quiz Night – at school
    16 May 2024

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