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The Board of Governors

The Governing Board has the following core functions:

Establishing the strategic direction, by:

  • Setting the vision, values, and objectives for the school
  • Agreeing the school improvement strategy with priorities and targets
  • Meeting statutory duties to support the school in achieving these goals.

Operational and managerial decisions are delegated to the head teacher.

King Athelstan is a Community School and its constitution is set out in our Instrument of Government. We have ten governors (each appointed by the Governing Board, with the exception of parent governors who are elected by the parent body and the staff governor who is elected by the staff body) comprising:

  • Two elected Parent Governors
  • One Local Authority Governor (nominated by the Local Authority and appointed by the Governing Board)
  • One elected Staff Governor
  • The headteacher
  • Five Co-opted Governors (co-opted for their skills and experience)

All governors, other than the headteacher, who is a governor by virtue of position as headteacher, are appointed for a period of four years.

The governing board has an elected Chair, Ed Gossage and Vice Chair, Damon Hart-Davis. These positions are elected by the governing board. Kate Hendry is the clerk to the governing board.

There are four main sub-committees – curriculum, staffing, resources and SRP and three separate committees for disciplinary, pay and capability issues, each with its own appeals committee.

All governors will be allocated to at least one sub-committee and subject/specialism link role. These roles are appointed annually with due consideration to the strengths and interests of individual governors.

There are four sub-committees as below:

  • Curriculum Committee – responsible for looking at performance data which measures children’s achievements.
  • Staff and Pupil Welfare Committee – looks at the more pastoral side of things as well as staffing requirements.
  • Resources Committee – responsible for signing off the budget and ensuring the school spends within its means.
  • SRP (Specialist Resource Provision) Committee – the SRP falls within the remit of the School and our governing board.

Link roles

There are a number of link roles which are assigned to individual governors and are associated with specific sub-committees and staff members. These are as follows:

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In our annual School Development Plan (produced by the Senior Leadership Team), a number of key issues will be outlined. Governors will also be allocated a key issue to monitor.

School calendar

  • Y6 Induction Day
    6 July 2022
  • EYFS Beach Day
    7 July 2022
  • Y6 Production
    13 July 2022, 2pm
  • Y6 Production
    14 July 2022, 7pm
  • Y4 Ukulele Concert
    15 July 2022
  • Y5 Trip to Science Museum
    21 July 2022
  • Break up for Summer
    22 July 2022

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