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Remember, behaviour is just the tip of the iceberg:

At King Athelstan we know that 'behaviour' is what we see, but it is important to consider what is happening ‘underneath the surface’.

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School Rules

We have four school rules which we expect everyone in the school community to follow, children and adults alike:

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The Helping Hand

Our ‘behaviour hand’ is a positive reminder for children to make expected choices. There are 5 steps to managing most behaviours:

5. Rule Reminder— what rule are they breaking?

4. Chance to Change—what behaviour is it we want/ expect to see? The child is told this explicitly and given ‘take up time’.

3. Regulation Station—time out within the classroom to self-regulate. Each classroom now has a designated area with relevant visuals, strategy cards and sensory resources to support this, in line with the Zones approach.

2. Reflection Time—time spent in the parallel class completing a reflection form to guide the child through reflecting on their behaviours and how to make things right.

1. Time away - time spent away from their year group with the SLT or Inclusion Team (depending on the needs of the child).

Very serious incidents can be escalated more quickly and some children may have an individualised support plan.

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Our PRIDE values were originally devised by a group of Year 6 children, who researched animals that they felt embodied each characteristic: Perseverance, Respect, Imagination, Diving Deep and Excellence. 

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Other rewards

In addition to our new PRIDE postcards and Excellence Awards, children may be rewarded using:

  • · Positive feedback (verbal, written or visual)
  • · Stickers (including WOW stickers in EYFS and new PRIDE stickers in KS1&2)
  • · House Points
  • · Positive phone calls home or ‘Just a note to say…’ cards
  • · Reading dots/prizes

Each class has a positive behaviour visual to celebrate children making good choices and showing expected behaviours. Individual class teachers may also introduce individual reward schemes to meet the needs within their class. 

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You can find all this information and more on our inclusion newsletter:

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School calendar

  • School breaks up for summer holidays one hour early than usual
    24 July 2024
  • PCSA Whole school picnic in Athelstan Park
    24 July 2024, From 2.10pm
  • INSET Days
    2 - 3 Sep 2024
  • INSET Day
    4 October 2024
  • INSET Day
    6 January 2025

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