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Remote Learning 

Remote Learning is learning opportunities set for children not able to access face-to-face teaching due to self-isolation, class isolation or lock down measures. These plans are designed to equip our children with key new knowledge and skills as well as the opportunity to embed previous knowledge and practise skills they already have. They follow, as far as possible,  the usual learning planned for the class, so that children can transition smoothly back into the classroom having followed the same curriculum sequence as their peers who are either also at home, or in school. It is expected that children who are absent from school but otherwise well complete all of the learning set. School accepts that parents/carers may make a judgement call on some days where their child is unable to complete all tasks due to the time spent on the English and maths which school has asked them to prioritise, or for another genuine reason such as screen time/emotional wellbeing.

As a school, we are continually working to ensure that we are meeting the government guidelines and that our remote learning offer is in line with the quality curriculum that we provide in school. Attached below, please see the Remote Education Policy. We are grateful for the continued support of parents and carers who have embraced our new ways of learning from home. Many families have already helped their children to successfully make this transition this term.

We are committed to our pupils’ learning during any period of closure. Each day during the closure of a class bubble or if a pupil is isolating at home due to household isolation, we will provide our children with focused activities via Google Classroom. Please see the attachments below for help on logging into and accessing Google Classroom.

Remote Learning for children isolating 2021-22

Parent and Carer Google Classroom Guide 

How to Navigate Google Classroom

How to sign in: EYFS and Y1

How to sign in: Years 2 - 6

Our partnership with parents/carers during any period where a child is not in school remains central to each child’s ongoing achievement. Work submitted by children, when not in school, will form part of our ongoing assessment of our pupils’ progress. This partnership is vital to ensure learning continues with as little disruption as possible. We are grateful for the support that we have receive from our families.

Remote Learning Plan for the Ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic 

Class Isolation and National Lockdown:

In the event of whole class isolation in term time, we will provide structured, remote learning opportunities for all children to ensure the continued delivery of the curriculum and a consistent approach to children’s learning.

Daily tasks will be provided for English, mathematics and the wider curriculum subjects and will be available through Google Classroom. In addition to this, we will be providing all pupils with three ‘live (online) sessions’ using Google Meet. We hope these ‘live (online) sessions’ will support children to regularly engage with their class teacher and virtually see their peers.

We aim to be flexible in our approach and understand the wide range of circumstances that families continue to encounter. We strongly recommend setting up a daily routine and that structured opportunities to access learning are built into each day, to allow pupils to access the tasks set in Google Classroom. The learning provided during any period of closure will be part of our current planning and cannot be considered by parents/carers as optional. Ongoing support is available with setting up routines and learning timetables through our Nurture Team, via the admin email.

Remote Learning Due to Household Isolation: 

*Please note this section refers to when we are in national lockdown - this is no longer advised since Sept 21. If your child is self isolating at present they should be practising their basic skills: reading, spelling, times tables and KIRF. Please see the homework section of the website. 

If your child is self-isolating due to close contact with a case of COVID19 outside of school or is isolating due to household isolation, the school will use Google Classroom to upload work for your child to complete at home. Please note, in this instance teachers will be unable to be as responsive to Google Classroom tasks, due to their full time teaching responsibilities onsite; however, they will aim to mark work submitted by 3pm that day and provide feedback to support your child.


Your child will need access to a tablet or computer or other device that is able to access Google Classroom (e.g. X Box) as well as access to the internet to be able to fully engage in our remote learning offer. The DfE have provided the school with a small bank of laptops available for use by our children during a period of class isolation. If you child does not have access to a device, please liaise with the School Office to arrange for a laptop to be loaned for a fixed period of time. Devices must only be used by children for remote learning activities. When the school is in lockdown and the majority of children are off site, devices may be limited to one per family. The school can also support with internet access.

We recognise that many families do not have home printers and work set will therefore not require the printing of material. It can be completed on paper to reduce screen time, and then photographed and uploaded if this suits families better.

Click here for: Guardian's Guide to Tools for Children with Disabilities during Distance Learning


School calendar

  • Harvest Donation Collection
    2 - 3 Oct 2023
  • A Day in the Life of a Reception Child
    3 October 2023, 4pm online
  • A Day inthe Life of a Nursery Child
    5 October 2023, 4pm online
  • Book Looks Y1-6
    20 October 2023, 1520-1550
  • Half-term
    23 - 27 Oct 2023
  • INSET Day - Children not in school
    30 October 2023
  • SEND Parent/Carer Consultations
    31 October 2023, 1530-1730
  • Nasal Flu Immunisations for all
    1 November 2023

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