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Year 3 (Cassatt and Da Vinci)   

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Our Year 3 classes are named after artists Mary Cassatt and Leonardo Da Vinci.

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” - Leonardo Da Vinci 

“In art, what we want is the certainty that one spark of original genius shall not be extinguished.” - Mary Cassatt

Our skilled teachers and teaching assistants help the children to make a seamless transition from Key Stage One (Infants) to Key Stage Two (Juniors) by coordinating with the children’s Year 2 teachers to fully understand each individual's needs. 

The curriculum in the Key Stage Two continues to be theme based.

In English we explore a range of texts linked to our topics. We gradually move away from the three phase model they used in KS1 towards exploring a model text, rewriting the text together then writing using this frame independently, thus giving the children the scaffolding and confidence to become independent writers.

A crucial skill they will develop this year is to proof read their own work, evaluating and then editing their writing. This requires them to understand the expectations for each genre and the spelling and grammar rules learnt in Year 3.

Our maths builds on the key skills learnt in KS1. The children begin to work with 3-digit numbers and continue to develop written methods, such as the column method in addition and subtraction. We learn our 3x, 4x and 8x tables and secure our number bonds for all numbers to 20. Later in the year we introduce concepts such as angles and further develop our knowledge of fractions.

In reading our focus moves away from phonics lessons to developing reading comprehension skills. As a whole class, we access a wide range of texts, from poetry to longer length fiction books and non-fiction. The children build on the skills learnt in Year 2 to retrieve information from the text and draw inferences.

Our creative curriculum themes also run through our learning in Science, History, Geography, DT and Art to help children make clear connections between subjects and knowledge. We reinforce their learning with trips and extracurricular activities. This year they also introduced to a new language: French.

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School calendar

  • Y6 visit Hogsmill Garden
    4 June 2024
  • Kahlo Class Assembly
    5 June 2024, 9am
  • Y6 PGL Residential trip
    7 - 10 Jun 2024
  • Y6 Kids Out! Chessington
    12 June 2024
  • Class Photographs
    13 June 2024
  • Choir Concert at the Rose Theatre
    17 June 2024
  • SEND Parent/Carer Consultations – in person
    18 June 2024
  • SEND Parent/Carer Consultations – in person
    20 June 2024

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