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If you were to walk into an art lesson at King Athelstan, you would see children enjoying and accessing high quality art lessons, delivered by a specialist art teacher. As they move through each school year, children build upon techniques and skills that form the foundations for developing their own expression, style, preferences and confidence to equip them for the future. Children use a variety of mediums and techniques in both 2d and 3d and learn how to achieve different outcomes in art. They are be encouraged to explore and experiment as they learn through experience.  Children learn to express their opinions about the artwork of others as well as to critically evaluate their own work in order to understand the need to be able to adapt work for a higher quality end result. 

Art work at King Athelstan is embedded in cross curricular learning.  The termly topics are central to the planning and help to support knowledge through the process of creativity. Through their lessons, Children learn about a range of Artists from different periods of time. Children at King Athelstan learn that artwork can take a long time that it can be built up over time in manageable stages, and that they can all achieve the end result.  Children have opportunities to plan work and to develop their own designs.  Children take huge pride in their work and their achievements in art and know that individuality is to be celebrated.

Art across the school has a rigidly timetabled allocation for all classes which ensures all children are accessing the art curriculum on a regular basis. We are very fortunate as a primary school to have the space and resources of the art room to further facilitate effective teaching and learning.

Progress in art begins with the accumulation of opportunity, exploration and experience starting in early years. As children develop physically, their fine motor skills and ability for extended focus also develops.  Alongside this, the teaching of specific skills and techniques are ongoing and implemented through the curriculum from Years 1-6. Vocabulary is reinforced and becomes more embedded with exposure and context. Progress in different skills can be seen through the end result of children’s works as they advance through each year and move up through the school.

Our aim is for children to develop a love and confidence for this subject. The skills and knowledge they acquire at King Athelstan will ensure they are well prepared to continue their Art and design journey at secondary school. 

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School calendar

  • O'Keeffe Class Assembly
    24 April 2024, 9am
  • Fashion Show – at Fusebox Kingston
    28 April 2024
  • Summer term clubs start this week
    29 April 2024
  • Klee AM and PM Trips to the Library – Volunteers needed
    30 April 2024
  • Kusama Class Assembly
    1 May 2024, 9am
  • Bank Holiday - school closed
    6 May 2024
  • Matisse Class Assembly
    8 May 2024, 9am
  • PCSA Quiz Night – at school
    16 May 2024

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